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Do you want your keys to be paired with your phone – so you never forget them at home? Google thinks so


Google published a new patent system that allows us to pair our lost or left-over items with our mobile phones. As cool as it may sound, this system is pretty useful at a glance. From troublemakers to people who often forget their stuff at home – now, the smart phones are bound to have these ‘pairing’ features as well.

Using the short-range wireless communication sch as NFC, Bluetooth, RuBee and RFID, this patent works great with the user controlling the amount of distance between the device and the paired object before the alarm shuts down. Also, this same alarm can be controlled at ease – with another benefit – knowing that your most important stuff are all at home or near you.

Addressing the little problems we all have in life is one of the biggest competitive playgrounds today and an ultimate battle between iOS and Android. Simply, in such world we are all dealing with problems, and judging by Apple and Android, a smart phone is the way for solving them all in the most effective way possible.

With the cutting edge technology of today’s time, buying an Android product over an iOS must come down to personal decisions. Undoubtedly, the personal decisions will always be oriented to life-saving apps and situations in which your smart phone can be your biggest asset, right?

We surely don’t want to miss the next meeting, interview or maybe the game – just because finding the keys has become hectic. But with the knowledge and experience that Google has in connecting people, this patent system will allow us maximum comfort in such situations – answering the question on how advanced the mobile technology today is with real examples.