If you have never heard about Musixmatch, you should definitely check it out. Being the world’s biggest lyrics app, it offers us amazing advantages of displaying the lyrics to songs playing at the moment. What’s more, the app doesn’t need to be opened at the time while playing!

Founded in Italy, Musixmatch has been the ultimate source for displaying lyrics and helping the music enthusiasts. With 2 million users per day (which is amazing!), this amazing app created something different in how we perceive music.

But why is it so much special?

Because of its big and fast success, Musixmatch decided to bring the desktop users the same experience – releasing a standalone lyrics website.  In just a matter of weeks, 3 million people have logged in and found why this app is so great!

Allowing users to discuss song meanings, get in to the lyrics more and contribute to finding new lyrics, Musixmatch has created a community – something that in today’s time is very much valuable.

And do you know what’s the biggest inspiration of the CEO, Max Ciociola behind the whole project?

As he said, with knowing that lyrics is one of the top searched keywords on Google, it was only a matter of an idea behind enlightening all those music freaks wanting to know what they sing in the first place. After setting up the idea of an integrated solution that will kick out the old fashioned way of website search, it was easy for Musixmatch to create an incredible innovation.

With over 8000 independent artists and many more official ones, Musixmatch has established deals with major music companies. Continuing to enrich the database which is now more than a nine and a half million of lyrics, this app is certainly meeting the expectations of becoming the world’s largest legal lyrics catalogue.

So, if you want to search for the lyrics of the song you keep hearing on the radio, or learn how to sing it properly, you can do it either from your desktop computer or from your mobile phone – through the Musixmatch app! With only a click or a touch, you could explore new lyrics as well and blend in the community of music lovers worldwide.

Sing the songs in a better way – with Musixmatch, the ultimate lyrics experience!

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