The good news is that the Nexus 6 phablet comes with a huge battery of 3220mAh, but the bad new is that it’s non-removable and in time, its lifespan starts to decrease. What if we told you that you can double the battery life on your smartphone by using some simple tricks such as turning off background processes or changing the resolution, customizing device settings, disabling sensors, etc.? Read this article carefully and thank us later!

The Nexus 6, which was created by Motorola, pushed up against the limits of dimensions and came with one of the largest displays from the market, measuring 5.96 inches. To provide the best user experience, Motorola increased its resolution up to 1440×2560 pixels at 493 ppi, but to get to this performance, you have to pay a price: your battery will drain faster, especially if you’re setting the brightness to a high level.

This is why we recommend you to change the resolution to a lower one, so scale it to 720x1280pixels. The images won’t be as vivid as when the screen is set to a high resolution, but this solution will extend the battery life. If you don’t know how to change the resolution on your Nexus 6 smartphone, follow these instructions:

– first of all, get ADB Tools, some drivers for your computer and enable USB Debugging on your Nexus 6’s Developer Options (go to Settings>About Phone and tap Build Number until you’ll notice the notification. The Developer Options will be at the bottom of the Settings menu);
– next, plug your Nexus 6 into your PC using a USB cable;
– make sure you have ADB Tools installed on your PC;
– open the ADB Tools folder, find a black space in the Windows Explorer window and hold the Shift button then right-click the mouse and select Open Command Window. Hit the Windows button from your keyboard, then type in CMD the following command: adb shell wm size 720×1280. Hit Enter, and write the next command: adb shell wm density 280 && adb reboot, followed by pressing the Enter button.
– your Nexus 6 device will reboot and its resolution will be downgraded to HD. If you want to return to QHD resolution, just open the Command Window again and type in adb shell wm size 1440×2560, hit Enter, then type in adb shell wm density 560 && adb reboot and again, hit Enter.

Some other tips you can use to increase the battery life on your Nexus 6 device:

– customize device settings. By going to Settings app and selecting Display, then Sleep, your screen will lock almost instantly. If you have a live wallpaper, disable it, or if the brightness is set to a high level turn it down. Also, you should turn off adaptive brightness and ambient display features and lower down the audio volume, or use headphones when watching a movie.
– you should disable WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS when you’re not using them;
– check if your battery is draining faster because of some applications that are juice vampires. Go to Settings>Battery and see which application is using your battery more than normally so you can uninstall it.

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