If you refer to safest as virus or ad-free app here, you are wrong. The ultimate and latest piece of fashion by Apple – the Apple Watch has brought to life a new platform for apps. Therefore, many of them have been created and in quest to find the right users. However, quantity is not quality – meaning that an Apple Watch app in particular – must have some value in it.

The app called MrGabriel is definitely one of the most protective apps on planet. Combining the great features of the Apple Watch with the amazing real-time data and technology, it brings value in a way you could not imagine.

So, how does it work?

With personal safety at its focus, MrGabriel is aimed towards getting help fast and in the best way possible – whenever the user of the Apple Watch is in a dangerous situation. So, whenever the user does sudden moves or changes of pace that are interpreted as dangerous, MrGabriel integrates the

reviously set modes and sends SMS messages to friends or family members – exactly 3 of them as set before. Warning them about the exact location of the alert, the user’s phone number, and that help is needed right away, MrGabriel is definitely a useful app to be accompanied with.

And if you are thinking that MrGabriel reacts on any sudden move, there is actually a feature which asks the user whether he or she is okay after such movements occur. If the message is not dismissed afterwards in a short period of time, the SMS action begins triggering the alert.

The main idea behind MrGabriel is to prevent incidents or dangerous moments to happen, setting a protective zone with the Apple Watch. With the benefits of geo-location today and advanced technology, we should definitely be on the way to a safer life – and MrGabriel surely leads the way.

All in all, the best thing about MrGabriel is that apart from its slowy competitors such as Guardian, Stiletto and Circle of 6 – it has a competitive advantage of using the artificial intelligence in the most right way possible.

So, if you have bought an Apple Watch but don’t know which apps to download and install, check out MrGabriel and have a dose of safety anywhere you go.

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