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Trivia Crack – the world's most downloaded game app – and why it is so good?


Trivia Crack has simply created a revolution on Play Store. With more than 500,000 downloads on a daily basis, it is certain that answering questions and improving our knowledge has definitely become a routine for many people!

Since its debut, Trivia Crack has been downloaded on more than 150 million devices worldwide. It has also reached the number 1 spot in the overall app download chart in US, Canada and Europe recently!

The company behind it, Etermax reached an amazing number of $25 billion in 2014, delivering a piece of action that is amazingly appealing to people everywhere in the world. Being integrated with social media and allowing users to have their input in the app, Trivia Crack made answering questions to be one of the most interesting things we do! And everyone loves it!

But why it is so good?

Trivia Crack works this way: you answer questions and compete with users from all around the world. Each time you answer, you wait the opponent to have their turn and compete in 6 different categories: Entertainment, Science, Sports, History, Art and Geography. With ‘spinning’ a wheel of fortune, you can also get numerous chances and other amazing features while answering the questions.

Being integrated with social networks, Trivia Crack also works amazingly well with you competing against your own Facebook or Twitter buddies. You can additionally play 12 question challenges and share every question you and your friends answer on your social networks! It is certainly competitive, knowledge-rich and most importantly – addictive!

Trivia Crack also allows users to post questions. In fact, every question within the game is added by a user – making you rate questions and tap ‘Boring’ or ‘Fun’ after you answer each one. With features as 50-50, expanding the time for an answer or changing the category, the app is perfect for killing time or challenging someone you know (or you don’t know!).

Another advantage of Trivia Crack is that it supports many other languages except English. With users from all around the world posting questions, you can now answer Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian, Japanese and Dutch, with new languages added regularly.

The ad-free version of Trivia Crack costs $3. And if you are passionate about the game, you will certainly go premium – and discover a new experience in answering questions. Along with Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans, Trivia Crack has definitely marked a spot in the top grossing and biggest games ever featured in the App Store.