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How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Viber?


Viber app is one of the most popular VoIP software apps that allows people to carry out video chats and send text as well as stickers to their friends, family and other contacts using Viber. It is one of the popular mobile messaging apps that you find these days. Privacy is an important aspect in Viber as well and contact blocking is part and parcel of Viber.

How To Know If You Are Blocked?

There is really no way to find out if you have been blocked on Viber.
This app has a discreet way of blocking and even though you are blocked, you might see profile picture updates and all other features on Viber, except that you will not be getting replies for your sent messages.

  • The person who has blocked you will not get the messages that you send and hence you will not get reply messages from the person.
  • Viber will make you feel that the person who has blocked you is not answering to your messages, and you will never be hinted that you have been blocked by that particular contact.

So, the best way to know that you have been blocked by a contact is when you do not get reply messages from the contact and if the contact tells you that he or she has blocked you.

Profile Pictures Does Not Give A Hint

There is no way you can tell if a particular contact has blocked you or not by checking the profile pictures. This will work in the case of WhatsApp, but not in Viber. The profile picture of Viber contact will be refreshing, even when they block you. So, you will be seeing the status updates of the person who has blocked you and also the changes that they make on their profile picture can also be seen by you, despite they blocking your account. Also, the contact who has blocked you can also see the profile picture changes and the status updates that you make. Hence, you need to be very careful of what you write on Viber.

Delivery Reports Says Nothing

In WhatsApp, when the receiver sees the message that you have sent, you will see two little tick marks in the corner of the message which indicates that the message you have sent has been seen by the contact. In the case of Viber, no such indications are there and hence you will never be able to tell that your message has been seen by the contact or not. This has been done away with by Viber for protecting the privacy of the user. So, you cannot depend on delivery reports to know if you have been blocked by a particular contact or not.

Adding You To Group Conversations

If you block some contact using your mobile device, the blocked contact can still get in touch with you through Viber from a different platform like other Smartphone or PC or tablet. Your name can also be added to a group conversation with a blocked contact and you can see the messages that are being sent within the group. The messages that you send will also be seen. So, one way you can find out if a particular contact has blocked your account is by seeing the contact message on a group, but does not send any reply or direct messages to you. Another way of finding if the contact has blocked you is to have a common friend message to the contact and see if a reply is received by the other contact. If your friend gets a reply, then you can understand that the particular contact has blocked you.