Adobe has come up yet again with extraordinary features for its users.

The 17th version of Adobe Flash Player supports 64-bit browsers and operating systems as well. It can be used for providing high resolution to the bitmap images and decode asynchronous bitmaps. In addition to that, this new version offers engaging software to enhance the web experience. Every feature comes with a strong privacy and security back-up. Have a look at some of its features that Adobe has offered.

Enhanced Web Content

The Flash Player 17 collaborates with its AIR runtime to present the users with rich digital points in an effective manner. This helps in easy movement of content from one browser to another or amongst different operating systems. This reflects an effortless system to the user and hence, the content can be viewed in an enhanced and efficient way despite the device used.

For Developers

This version of flash player provides benefits that any common user can fully avail. In addition to that, Adobe has launched some enhanced features for the developers. They can build games and high definition content with the help of codebase. Codebase offers a function to the developers that can help them in reusing the two-dimensional and three-dimensional games or media apps with HD video.

Latest Features

  • None of the updates of Adobe ever allowed mouse coordinates and events for the users during the gaming console. With the latest update, the users can have advanced mouse control with relative mouse synchronization.
  • Adobe Flash Player’s 17th version has included ActionScript and support of ByteArray. This led to an advanced content creation and high performing games. In addition to that, you can also offload a few of the programs running at the background simultaneously.
  • You have a complete support for the keyboard and games can now be viewed full screen. You do not have to worry about the browser or operating system you are using. The latest update in the 17th version has made the mouse and keyboard completely optimized for the users to play games efficiently.
  • The Stage 3d is the attribute that helps in building two-dimensional and three-dimensional cinematic graphics for better quality and enhanced look of the games.
  • With the Flash Player, you can have high quality videos or coded games played on your desktop such as MP3, H.264 and AAC.
  • Stream standard videos like HDS and RTMP with the support of the extensive attributes provided by the Flash Player 17.
  • Flash Player 17 helps in quicker downloads through the unique compression system known as LMZA.
  • You can stream 1080 pixel videos that can help in processing not lesser than four core processors.

Adobe has brought a number of updates as compared to its earlier version, the Adobe Flash Player 16. You have a variety of applications, impressive web content and videos that can be played from every operating system and browser regardless of the device used. The users are even provided with its beta version, which is free for download over the internet.

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