The recently launched Galaxy S6 may continue with the same 5.1 inch screen as before, but it is a device that exceeds the features on the Galaxy Note 4 in some crucial ways.

The Note series primarily tries to provide more of the Galaxy S features and both phones are almost similarly priced. Yet, Samsung provides some crucial differentiating elements in these devices so as to not eat into each other’s sales.


The Galaxy S6 is a phone meant for everyone looking to get their hands on a high end smartphone with some of the best features available today. This may even include a 2K screen, as it makes its appearance on the Galaxy S series for the first time. As a result of the Galaxy S6 retaining the same screen size as before, the phone has excellent pixel density that even betters the Galaxy Note 4’s display. Interestingly, the Galaxy Note 4 was one of the first devices to come with a 2K display.

Even though the Galaxy Note 4 may not claim as one of the few phones to have the 2K resolution, it has a distinct advantage over the Galaxy S6 because of the stylus. Over the years, the stylus has been improved in innumerable ways to make it as the perfect accessory for this device. The Galaxy S6 may not have such a unique aspect, but it remains significantly better to handle, compared to the Galaxy Note 4.


After facing a lot of criticism over its design and poor material quality, Samsung significantly upgraded this aspect of the device. The Galaxy Note 4 has been a major step up from the previous generations, but it continues to have the highly critical fake leather stitching in the rear. The device also has the same design philosophy like before, but the quality of the materials used has definitely gone up. This is remarkably even more visible on the Galaxy S6. The phone uses glass panels, which are extremely glossy, in the rear. They are protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 just as in the case of the screen.


The similarity between the two phones extends into the camera where the use of a 16 megapixel shooter in the rear does the job. The Galaxy Note 4, however, suffers a bit with regard to the front facing camera’s picture quality. It uses a 3.7 megapixel camera, whereas the Galaxy S6 offers a five megapixel shooter. Even these front facing cameras come with the ability to record videos beyond 1080p quality, as they can shoot videos with up to 1440 pixels of resolution.


The Galaxy Note 4 continues to have a memory card support, whereas the Galaxy S6 offers only different alternatives of internal storage, but it can hold up to 128 GB at the maximum. The newly launched Galaxy S6 retails at around $600, while recent price reductions to the Galaxy Note 4 have also bought it to this level.

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