There is no doubt that Google Drive is the ultimate cloud storage app of the day.

One thing that makes this app very popular is the fact that it is very easy to use. Furthermore, the app is a Google product and almost everyone uses a Google product, including Google Drive.

Google has done a very tremendous job in syncing all of its core apps, something that millions of users are relishing. One such group is that using the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship, which comes preinstalled with the Google Drive app. As noted earlier, this application is very simple and easy to go around. Here’s more to the app.

How to add photos from camera roll

The latest Google Drive app on Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in with enhancements and new features as well. Among them is the ability to add photos to the Drive documents files, directly from the phone. To do this, launch a Google Doc or even Slide file via Drive. Go ahead and tap on “Edit” button just at the bottom right corner. When a “+” icon appears in the top right corner, tap on it and then tap on “Image”. You can go ahead and select the photos you want from the camera roll.

Create photo backups

In March, the Google Drive app received an update that added a new ability for the users of Samsung Galaxy S6. This update eliminated the need to view pictures in Google+ since it made it possible for users to create photo backups on Drive and then view them directly from here.

However, backing up photos on your Galaxy S6 will first of all need you to download and install the latest version of Google Photos. Once the app is installed, launch it and then tap on “Turn on auto backup”. This choice will make sure that all photos that you capture using your Galaxy S6 are backed up on Google Drive, thanks to the syncing of the app with the Photos app.

Saving files from Google Drive

Google Drive is an internet-based application, which means that you need an internet connection in order to access its services. However, you can still save the files from Drive and work on them when offline at a later time. To save a Google Drive file on your Galaxy S6, launch the app when online and simply tap and hold on the file you want to save. You will notice a pin icon appearing on your screen, tap on it in order to save the file on your Samsung phone.

Attach Google Drive docs to Gmail

One area that Google beats most of its competitors is the great syncing ability its apps have. Using Gmail, it is possible to send an email containing a Google Drive file in the attachment. This is very simple and all you need is to launch the Gmail for Android app and while composing the new mail, tap on the paper clip icon towards the top right corner. You can then attach the file by tapping on “Insert from Drive”.

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