Apple Watch can be a real life assistant and advisor for many of its users. It has various health related features that will make sure that your health is kept fine. One of its features is tracking your heart beat. It will provide you rate of your heart beat in per minute basis. This rate can be viewed directly on the Watch or to properly track its performance a graphical illustration is also made by time. If you are health conscious then this feature is of great importance to you.

There are two different ways from which you can track your heartbeat rate on your Apple Watch. One of it is monitoring your heart rate periodically directly on the Watch then other is continuous tracking of your heart rate through the fitness app on the Watch.

Checking Periodic Heart Rate Directly from the Watch

You can easily take a glance at your heart rate by using your Watch whenever you feel like. You can do that by swiping up on the clock and then swiping left or right until you find the Heart Rate monitoring glance. Once the glance is active, it will take few seconds to read the pulse of the user and then will display the heart rate in BPM with an animated heart.

This heart rate will vary by time as you will notice. You will notice an increase if you are on fatty diet or into moving too much or exercising. You can view decrease in heart rate whenever you are in resting mode.

Checking Heart Rate Continuously on Apple Watch with Fitness App

Another reason to keep an eye on your heart rate is to use the Fitness app especially when you forget to check the glance quite often. Fitness app will keep a track of your heart rate all day long. This feature will help you in achieving your desired heart rate by managing your activities and diet. If you do not have any plans to achieve any desired heart rate then still this feature could be of help if you want to track your heart rate during any piece of activity you are carrying out including running on treadmill or walking around in the neighborhood. Follow these steps to carry out heart rate tracking:

  • From main screen of Apple Watch tap on green Fitness icon
  • Choose the activity that you are planning to carry out from the given options
  • Select goals for calories, distance, speed, time, whatever is in your mind. If there is no goal related then select Open and then tap on Start
  • The fitness tracker will remain active tracking your heart rate constantly until countdown reaches zero
  • Once it is completed you will view the glance screen with time mentioned on top and your heart rate in BPM at the bottom of your screen

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