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A Comparison of Viber Free Download and Telegram Messenger – Which App for You?


As each day passes by, instant messaging gains another edge over other means of mobile communication.

In fact, instant messengers have been at the center of the revolution the communication world has seen. Using these messengers, it is possible to send text messages or even make a free voice call to any person in your phonebook. There are as low as zero costs when using an instant messenger like Telegram or Viber to send a message or make a call. There is no longer the need to pay mobile carriers heftily just because one wants to send a message or make a call.

While both Telegram and Viber free download are able to send and receive text messages, the users of these apps can also make use of them in sending voice, video as well as photo messages. So, which of these two apps is better than the other?

Signing up for an account

Telegram and Viber are very easy to download and setup. In fact, all you need to do is visit the official app store of your device and search for this app. Downloading and installing it will take up a few seconds or minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Post installation process, you must create an account on either platform. The good thing here is that both the apps will only ask for your phone number, which then acts as your username or ID. In both Viber and Telegram, your phone contacts will be synced automatically and in order to complete the signing up process; both the apps will send you a verification code in an SMS to your number. Activate your account using this code and you are good to go.

Features and performance

Viber free download and Telegram are two of the best instant messengers out there. They are both simple and easy to use, thanks to their clean interfaces. In both cases, it possible to install and use the apps on multiple devices at once, as well as send and receive private and group messages. However, the difference comes in when using group chats, as Viber only allows up to 100 people in a group while Telegram has a maximum of 200 people.

When talking of privacy, Telegram is better placed thanks to its unique feature that allows the messages to self-destroy once the recipient has read them. This message can even be destroyed before the recipient reads it as it depends on the duration the sender set the message to last, in the recipient’s device. Viber on the other hand has no such feature, but it still promises secure transmission of messages from one end to the other.


Both Viber and Telegram have no room for ads. However, Viber has its own means of making money thanks to the huge sticker collection it offers its users. Furthermore, there is the Viber Out feature that lets the users make affordable calls to non-users of the app, be it on mobile phones or on their local landlines.

Both apps are free to download and use for a lifetime, however, whether Telegram will come up with monetization strategies in the near future is still unknown.

Voice and video calls

This is where Viber automatically outclasses Telegram. Using Viber free download, it is possible to make free voice and video calls to any person using the app. However, this service is not yet available on Telegram. Furthermore, little can be said of whether the features will be availed on this platform in the near future or not.

Bottom line

Even though both Telegram and Viber are amazing communication apps, the latter is the best when it comes to private chats. The privacy levels and security measures implemented by this app are unmatched and you will be sure of your data’s security. However, if you are looking for an app that will come to your rescue when in need of making a voice or video call, Viber free download is just what you need. Better still, you can have both apps installed on your device if you have enough storage space.