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Avast vs. AVG Free Download – Which Antivirus App Works Better?


Every computer needs to work smoothly without faults.

This is one of the reasons why antivirus programs have been designed to give computers and other electronic devices the protection they need against malware and viruses. Viruses and malware can enter into the system of a device from different sources and this can be dangerous for them.

If you love to surf the internet, it will be even more harmful to your device if you do not have the best antivirus program installed on your device. Although most websites claim to be safe, not all of them are. Most of them play hosts to antivirus so, when you visit them without antivirus protection you will be inviting them into your device.

Mostly, malware and viruses might corrupt your system. Other times, your whole system might crash while other times, you will need to format your entire system. This means, you get to delete most of the important files you have and to reinstall a new operating system. The list of antivirus programs is expanding day by day. This gives you a variety to choose from. Ultimately, the decision you make will be based on what you need.

Free Avast Antivirus 2015

Avast has come a long way and just like every year, the features of the software are updated. This makes them work better in protecting your devices. With Avast, you get the normal protection as well as some unique features. When you download this app, you get the best anti-malware and antivirus app, which works to clean your browser up and protect your home or office network. This antivirus app comes with a cleanup function, which helps to rid your computers off unwanted add-ons on your browsers.

Avast has a free version as well as a paid version, which offers added features you will love. Avast Internet Security is the paid version of Avast which costs about $40. It offers online protection, Anti-spam features, silent firewall, etc. So, you can decide to pay with your credit card or the other forms of payments that Avast accepts.

Free AVG Antivirus 2015

If you decide to download AVG antivirus program, you will benefit from some amazing security features. For instance, you get to benefit from the features that identify and get rid of and stops worms, Trojans, etc from entering and taking over your system. It also comes with anti-rootkit that spots out and removes rootkits that might harm your computer.

Also, this antivirus program is designed with an Email Scanner feature that scans all files and makes sure you are protected against files that are infected. Other features include anti-spam, AVG Link Scanner Surf Shield, Online Shield, Data Safe, etc.

Bottom Line

Although Avast and AVG antivirus programs stand out in the world of online protection and protection of your devices in general, the decision of which to use will depend on you ultimately. Also, these programs can be installed on mobile devices. So, you can protect your laptops, desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. The results you get from using these programs will differ from one person to the other. So, make your choices based on your preferences and need.