Facebook has now made it public that the new Facebook Messenger payment system will now be working across the U.S.

This is a new beginning for this giant social networking platform as it joins the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung in offering the users with mobile payment services.

Any person using Facebook Messenger in the United States of America will be able to make a one-to-one payment by simply adding their debit cards via the Messenger app. The process will only take a few taps and furthermore, using it is also very simple. Once the process is done, the funds will be transferred from your checking account to the account of the recipient.

How it works

As noted above, you must first of all add a debit card to your checking account and also ensure that the recipient of the money is using the Messenger app. Post the addition of the card, simply tap on the “$” sign that is visible when in a conversation. Proceed by keying in the amount you want to send to your friend and then go ahead and confirm the payment. Depending on your bank, this payment may take a few days before it is cleared.

A young feature needs tender care

The Facebook Messenger payment system is just being introduced. In fact, it is currently available to U.S. users only, yet this app has more than 700 million people using it and all of them are not just based in the U.S., but also in other parts of the globe. As a result, the company has decided to go slow with everything and in the process avoid incurring unnecessary costs due to rushing things.

While you may be asking why there is no room for credit cards, it is believed that Facebook Messenger is only working with debit cards in order to minimize the risk of frauds as well as cut on the extra credit card charges. One suitable example is where Venmo, a mobile payment system, charges a 3% transaction fee for using a credit card.

Facebook Messenger is becoming a huge force in the communication world

This feature is not that new to some Facebook Messenger users in the U.S. as the feature started rolling out on a city-by-city basis back in March. This payment system was first received by dwellers of New York City and it has been expanding gradually over this period. This feature was even added to the group chats in a recent update and the developers of the app also included free video calling.

The latest and most revolutionizing addition to this platform is the ability to use the Messenger app without a Facebook account. The app now joins the likes of WhatsApp and Viber in using a phone number as a user ID, which some say may be spelling the end to Facebook-acquired WhatsApp. In real sense, Facebook Messenger is becoming the ultimate communication tool.

As of now, there is no official word of when the new payment system will be available to the global users of Facebook Messenger. Keep following us and we will keep you informed!

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