The Huawei Honor 7 is the fourth flagship of 2015, following the Samsung Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9 and the LG G4.

The G4 and the Honor 7 are the latest flagships, trying to catch Samsung and its previously released flagship, the Galaxy S6. In the battle between the LG G4 and the Huawei Honor, which one comes on top? Let’s take a look.

Design and Display

An interesting aspect of the design of both phones is that both Huawei and LG use the rear of the device to add a button. The G4 has a volume rocker on the back of the phone, just underneath the camera, while the Huawei Honor 7 has a fingerprint sensor located below the camera. Everything else in the design section is different. For example, the G4 is a more rounded and curvier device, with leather on the back. The Honor 7, on the other hand, uses a flatter design, one that looks very similar to the S6 and iPhone 6 and is made completely out of metal. Another difference is the size of the display, as the G4 is closer to the phablet range with its 5.5 inches display than the Honor 7 is with the 5.2 inches display. Given the fact that the G4 comes with QHD resolution and the Honor 7 with full HD resolution display, the quality is on the side of the LG.

Hardware and Operating System

The LG G4 hasn’t proven as a fast phone so far on benchmark tests. The phone is powered by a six core processor with 3 GB of RAM. The Honor 7, on the other hand, has an octa core processor inside, one that should provide better performances than the G4. However, that is all in theory. Both phones support the microSD card, but the LG G4 starts with more built in space, 32 GB compared to 16 GB. Another advantage of the G4 is that it runs on the latest, Android 5.1 OS while the Honor 7 comes with 5.0 Lollipop out of the box and has yet to receive the update to 5.1.


The front facing camera of both devices has the same power, an 8-MP sensor. However, the Honor 7 has wide lens on the front, which allows for a larger point of view and more people into the picture. One advantage of the selfie camera of the G4 is the faux LED flash that helps in low light conditions. On the back, the Honor 7 ships with a 20-MP sensor, while the G4 ships with a 16-MP sensor. But LG’s phone has more features and accessories, including optical image stabilization, which in essence, helps the phone deliver higher quality pictures and videos.


The G4 is one of the flagships that can compete with the massive 3100 mAh battery of the Huawei Honor 7. LG’s device also has a big, 3000 mAh battery. However, the advantage of Huawei’s phone is in the quick charging options. The LG G4 doesn’t support quick charging.


When it comes to price, no other flagship beats the Huawei Honor 7. The phone has a price tag of $320 for an entry model and $400 for a 64 GB model. The LG G4, on the other hand, is priced at $700.

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