Protecting your computer from antivirus and malware is the reason why downloading the top antivirus app or program is important.

All over the world, people prefer to use different antivirus programs to protect their computers and other devices. If you are still confused about which antivirus to use and have settled with using either Microsoft Security Essentials or Norton or 360 Total Security, then you need to know what all they have to offer you.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free service that is perfect for computers and other devices. This antivirus app has a very easy to use interface, but doesn’t keep you safe from worms, viruses, malware, etc. It is a very good antivirus, but it works for only Microsoft operating systems. This means, it cannot be used for other operating devices like Linux, Mac, etc. This is one disadvantage of the antivirus app. Although it is a free app, it lacks some features that make people stay away from using it.

Some Pros of Using Microsoft Security Essentials

With this app there is zero false detection which means, detection you get is real. When you install this app, there are no unnecessary pop ups or ads some antivirus apps come with. Although it is a free app, you do not have to deal with unnecessary pop ups, which doesn’t slow the computer down. This app runs in the background which protects the device. It is available for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and XP.

Norton Antivirus App

Norton offers a high level of protection or coverage for all operating systems and devices. This app provides a long list of the very best safety features that you will love. Some of these features include silent mode, two-way firewall, parental controls and also network monitoring. This app also creates a recovery disc for backing up data if your operating system crashes. It scans devices, links and discs to ensure their safety at all times. One of the unique features of the app is the excellent client support they offer.

Some pros of Norton Antivirus App

Norton antivirus is a bronze award winner at AV-Test. Also, it has many channel support alternatives which makes its usage extremely fun. For parents who want to protect their home computers and other devices not from malware alone, but also their children, this app has the best parental controls and customization features.

360 Total Security

This antivirus app is also a free app. It has proven over the years that it can offer the users with high quality protection. Your computer will be guaranteed of enhanced performance and also full access to different scan levels, which include Custom, Quick and Full. There is the speedup feature that also helps to identify all non-critical startup apps. With 360 Total Security, you get to also benefit from the Cleanup feature which gets rid of other dangerous temporary files as well as junk. With the virus scan feature, the hard drive of the app is scanned, to detect all viruses and malware in order to get rid of them.

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