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The Best Facebook Messenger Features You Should be Using


Facebook has earned a lot of flak by removing the messaging feature from its app and requiring its users to download its new stand-alone app.

Facebook Messenger is now a third-party app which you need to download additionally to your device before you can connect with your friends. Many of its users seemed to think that it’s absolutely unnecessary to download an additional app, but Facebook Messenger is a very useful app with features you should be taking advantage of.

Share Locations Easily

Even though some people don’t find the use of location sharing, those who are trying to meet up with other people will find the feature very convenient. Instead of texting or explaining where in the world you currently are, you can instead share your location with them. You only need to enable your location privacy from your phone’s settings and tap the location icon on the chat box to send your location to the person you’re chatting with. He or she will be able to view the map by tapping the “View Map” button.

Send Audio or Video Messages

If you don’t feel like typing long messages and you’re up to talking, Facebook Messenger allows you to record an audio or video message which you can send to your friends. To send an audio note, just tap the microphone icon and hold the red button to record the message. Send the voice clip by lifting your finger after recording the message or cancel the recording by dragging your finger off the button. To record a video message, tap the camera icon and hold Send to start recording. Again, release your finger to send or drag off the button to cancel. You can also send photos by tapping Send instead of holding it.

Image Search

You can save and send photos from the internet but that usually requires you to open a web browser, go to your favorite search engine, look for a photo, save it on your device and then open the app before you can send it to your friends. Fortunately, with Facebook Messenger, you don’t have to go through this long process. You can simply look for photos around the web by accessing the Image Search feature when chatting with someone. Search for a photo and you will see a list of image results. Tap the photo and it will be sent to your contact automatically. This feature is only available for Facebook Messenger for Android.

Group Chatting

Group chats are a convenient way to connect with a group of people and Facebook Messenger is a great app to do it. Other apps mix individual chats and group chats under one tab and it makes it hard to find an old group chat. Facebook Messenger has a different tab for group chats and you can even organize the chats by placing your favorite group chats to the top so you won’t lose them, especially if you belong to multiple group chats. Just tap and hold the group chat and drag it to the top to find it easier.