The Samsung Galaxy S6 is with no doubt one of the highlights of 2015 when it comes to the smartphone world.

This can be attributed to the amazing specs that this device is equipped with and the quality it brings to the smartphone industry in general.

However, even though the Galaxy S6 might be topping many experts’ lists of the best Android smartphones for 2015, there is a contradicting view to these conclusions. This phone has just the same capacity of becoming as huge a flop, just as it has the capacity to succeed and here’s why.


Here’s the thing. While it is undeniable that the current Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship has an amazing design, a high quality camera, magnificent display features and a generally premium feel, this phone also feels somehow austere or rather, soulless.

What Samsung did was simply ignore some of the major design features that have been keeping the users loyal to the Galaxy S series smartphones. The inclusion of a non-removable battery unit and a non-expandable memory meant that the customers of these devices did not need the extra storage space or changing of battery units whenever they felt like. This is a decision that the company took knowing the risks they were getting into or maybe they didn’t.

Samsung has thrived on the loyalty of its customers, but it seems the company is throwing away this silverware. These people were happy with the Samsung devices since they offered them with what they wanted. Now that there are drastic changes in what is on offer, there is a fear that this phone might lose lots of potential buyers. Even though the design of this phone is actually very interesting or rather unique, it leaves this flagship without a personality. Furthermore, building the phone using aluminum and glass does not make it unique as there are other models with the same build, for instance, Sony Xperia Z+ and HTC One M9, among others.

A look at the competitors

As mentioned above, there are other models with almost similar designs as that found in the Galaxy S6. Among them is the HTC One M9, which remains to be an impressive choice, just because HTC had the guts to stick to their design. There is really no any need for coming up with attention grabbers in the name of designing a satisfying smartphone; instead, coming up with a device that works and is well-priced is all that you need.

This phone comes with a decent camera, a superb display and all in all, the speed of the processor is not that bad either. However, what makes it a better option is because it is a strong phone.

Another competing device is the LG G4, which can be argued to be one of the most impressive revelations in the 2015 smartphone market. This device is not short of style and the performance specs it comes with are also some of the best in the industry. What makes it an even better model is the fact that it comes with an expandable memory slot, quick charging and a removable battery unit. Furthermore, the design of the phone remained the same, with the rear button keeping its place. When this rear button first came into being with the G2, many divided views came up too. However, this did not deter LG from including the same feature in the following G3, a phone that became very popular in the Android world. The trend has even continued with the release of the LG G4 and the G Flex 2, which is why the company will keep its loyal customers.

Another of the best smartphones released this year that offer greater value for money is the Asus Zenfone 2. For just $299, you will have a very powerful, fast-charging phone with expandable memory, a solid camera and a full-HD display. Of course, this phone will be overlooked by many thanks to the fact that it is a new and unknown brand, when compared to Samsung; however, it is a perfect phone.

Final thoughts

Even though Samsung Galaxy S6 is a near perfect phone, it only comes in to compete with the iPhone 6, something that no enthusiastic Samsung user asked for. In any case, if one wants an iPhone, he or she will go and get one, not a phone that looks like an iPhone. In essence, Samsung has completely stripped the Galaxy S series off the things that separated it and the iPhones.

Well, it is true that the Galaxy S6 is something else; however, if Samsung keeps on chasing after Apple and leaving behind their core fans, then this might be the beginning of the end for the Galaxy S series smartphones.

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