Facebook Messenger is now an all-new product.

This app has moved on from being a direct messaging tool or rather simply an inbox for your messages, to offering chat options in the Facebook app for mobile devices and now it is a stand-alone app that works no different from WhatsApp and Viber.

Messenger takes instant messaging to the next level with its collection of amazing stickers that make conversations more fun. This application also allows the users to include other files in these messages; for instance, videos, voice recordings as well as pictures. Using Facebook Messenger, the users can make free voice calls to any other user of the app, whether they are using it on a mobile phone or tablet. Just recently, this app added a new ability to the platform, where the users can now make free video calls to other users of the app.

Facebook has over a billion downloads and over 700 million active monthly users

The number of downloads does not always reflect the number of people using the app directly. However, the fact that Facebook Messenger has already reached this figure is not to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, there are more than 700 million people, who already use this app actively on a monthly basis, which is not something small to achieve considering the fact that there are a myriad of other players in the industry; for instance, WhatsApp and Viber.

WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook and this app also has more than 1 billion downloads and over 800 million users. In essence, Facebook now controls over 50% of the instant messaging industry. With such a huge following, Facebook has now turned into a potential market place for businesses. Now that everything about Facebook is on mobile, this is also the direction that business is headed. It is why Facebook is looking at all means possible to ensure that it stays relevant in the mobile market. One such means was realized when Facebook recently opened up the app to the public such that third party apps can be included on the platform.

Facebook Messenger’s partnership with Zendesk means business

The dominance of mobile devices in the world markets has seen the rise in the number of apps and developers as well. It is where Facebook saw an opportunity and decided to compel its users into downloading and installing the Messenger app. However, regardless of where you go, competition will always follow you.

Messenger has formed collaboration with a Zendesk, a San Francisco-based software development company that specializes in cloud-based services that enable a variety of business entities to handle customer support, ticketing as well as self-service features. With such joint business, organizations that are already offering customer support via chat services can instantly switch to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is not the only app that will be offering users with free person to person or group instant messaging. There are other platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat which also do the same. However, what puts Facebook Messenger a step ahead of its competitors is the fact that the mother app already has millions of brands. WhatsApp is not the best when it comes to engaging brands and as such, the company sees the Messenger app as the ideal option.

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