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Clash of Clans Major Update Download Available – Bug Fixes with Top Improvements


Clash of Clans is a very popular game that’s played by a lot of players. In addition, there are many new players that are installing it every day and we’re pretty sure that most are getting quite addicted to it.

Supercell is behind Clash of Clans, and the developers have released a major update for this game that brought many new features. However, as expected, this major update came with many bugs and errors that need to get fixed as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the developers will release a minor patch that will come with all the issues that we will list below.

Clash of Clans: What’s new?

Currently, the Clan War matchmaking is now broken, which prevents some clans from getting into a clan war battle. The Dark Spell Factory update came with some new spells such as: Haste, Earthquake and Poison.

The Haste spell will increase the movement speed of all of your units for the entire duration of the raid or attack. On the other hand, the Earthquake will cause massive damage on buildings and walls and it has area of effect (aoe). Lastly, Poison is going to drain the health of the defending troops, allowing you to kill them faster.

We agree that Clash of Clans is far from being perfect, but we’re pretty sure that it will get there in time. Since Clash of Clans is a massive game, it can be updated in different ways, but the developers will need to keep things balanced, or else they will ruin the game.

This is why, after this major update, we’re pretty sure that the developers will come with a minor patch that will fix errors, bugs, but at the same time, they will most likely release some patches that will balance the game.

Until now, Clash of Clans has been a great game, offering diversity, a nice gameplay, and, of course, a pretty decent “end game”. In case you don’t understand what “end game” means, then you should know that you reach this “stage” after upgrading all you could upgrade (buildings, troops, etc), and you start raiding villages or making clan wars. The main focus in the “end game” is to gather resources for troops, and to climb the ladder by earning Trophies.

What are your thoughts about the latest major update of Clash of Clans?