Many people stopped visiting libraries to look for new books to read. They either don’t have time to wander the streets or they protest against the forest cutting, since books are printed on blank sheets made of paper, which is made of wood. An alternative to a classic book is the electronic book, known as e-book. But to read it, you’ll need an e-book device and Kindle and Kobo are the best recommendations. You can take one of these e-Readers with you in your vacation and when you want to relax, while sitting on a sunbed, under a huge umbrella, you will bring your Kindle or Kobo 2015 with you and read your favorite e-book.

Amazon is selling the latest Kindle Glare-Free Touchscreen for the price of $79 (with special offers) or $99 (with special offers), but there are two other variants: Kindle Paperwhite, which costs $119 and Kindle Voyage, which is priced at $199. All three have the same screen size of 6inches, but their specs are slightly different: the cheaper Kindle doesn’t have built-in light (the Voyage version has, in addition, an adaptive light sensor and PagePress) and its pixel density is 167, compared to 300ppi on the other two models. The Kindle Fire HDX with a 7inches HDX Display, Wi-Fi and 16 GB of internal memory is priced at $179 on the Amazon store.

The latest Kobo eReader was released in April and it costs $130. Its screen measures also 6inches and has the same resolution of 1,448 x 1,072 pixels with 300ppi. On this device you’ll be able to store around 3000 books, because the internal memory is 4GB.

Prices on bestsellers

If you own a Kindle eReader, then you’re buying books from Amazon, which uses a Digital Rights Management system to make sure that these eBooks can be read only on Kindle devices.

If you own a Kobo eReader, you will buy e-books directly from Kobo, as this company uses the EPUB file format with DRM.

If you’ll take a look at the top 10 bestselling books and you’ll make a comparison between the Kindle Prices and Kobo Prices, you’ll see that you’ll save money with Kindle (£42.35 vs £51.07).

Free books

Not all books have a price, as there are novels from classic authors that can be downloaded to both eReaders. However, while Kindles accepts MOBI files, Kobo accepts only EPUB versions. Project Gutenberg contains a huge collection of classic novels and you can download any of the 49,200 items for free.

Applications and ecosystem

Both eReaders have applications that are compatible with the three main operating systems: Amazon, iOS and Windows, which means that you can read your books on your smartphones or tablets, as well, so you won’t need to carry your Kindle or Kobo device with you all the time.

When reading a book on your smartphone, it will sync with your eReader, so you’ll be able to continue reading from where you left off, when switching the device.

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