In the near future, Minecraft is going to receive some great updates and features. The Minecraft game will receive a feature that will bring dual-wield weapons. At the same time, the game will have two new versions, which will be launched for two categories of gamers.

According to Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, two new Minecraft versions will be released along with other updates. This was announced during the Minecon event that was held in London, during 4-5 July, 2015. Minecon is a great event, where Minecraft players, modders and fans meet.

At this event, there is a lot of information revealed about what will come on Minecraft. For now, while playing Minecraft in survival mode, you are able to carry with you only a single weapon. However, it seems that Mojang will soon update Minecraft to allow you to dual wield weapons. With other words, the character will hold a secondary weapon in a hand and a primary weapon in the other hand.

In order to add the new dual-wielding feature, the future Minecraft update will most likely focus more on the upcoming weapons. You will be able to use the shield as primary defense and there will be new arrows that will have different passive effects. For example, a Glow Arrow will allow you to spot the enemy from a distance, in the dark.

It seems that Minecraft will receive a huge update too, called “The End”, which will bring a lot of islands. The Shulkers will be the new enemy which will lurk around and will be able to kill any Minecraft character that goes into the wild without a weapon.

In order to get to “The End” you will need to craft an “End Gateway”, which is something that can’t be found in Minecraft.

Minecraft special edition for Windows 10

Mojang didn’t want to reveal when this is about to come, but they confirmed that a new version of Minecraft is about to be released on July 29, 2015. It seems that the upcoming Windows 10 OS is getting its own dedicated version of Minecraft, with its special features and changes. This will be called Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and it will include both Survival and Creative modes and it will cost only 10 dollars. However, keep in mind that this game will be in BETA testing, so you will most likely find a lot of bugs while playing it.

A new Minecraft Story Mode update will also be released sooner or later and it will contain five episodes and it will focus on Jesse. The Minecraft Story Mode update will be released for all platforms sometime later this year.

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