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Snapchat Makes Changes to App’s Core Mechanics, Biggest Addition since Launch


Snapchat has finally rolled out a major update since it was launched, making huge changes to the core mechanics of the messaging application.

This update was rolled out last week, and it covers both iOS and Android users. In the latest version of Snapchat, users will no longer have to go through the agonizing and time-wasting tap and hold process whenever they want to view a video or an image on this app. This introduction may be termed as a measure by Snapchatto tighten further its security and privacy measures as it was noted that users take screenshots of images they receive.

In the past, there were rare complaints that came from users of this instant messaging app regarding the idea of holding down a thumb to view a video. However, this period was when Snapchat had not introduced the curated Stories feature and users only sent video messages that are 10 seconds long. However, now that the curated Stories, which also carries a roundup of photos and videos from different people in a given location or function.  Unlike the 10-second videos in the previous versions, these Stories can go on for minutes, which is one reason Snapchat is rolling out this new update.

It’s now “Tap and view” for all Snapchat users

Rather than waste time with tapping and holding for a few seconds before you can view a video or picture on Snapchat, the new functionality now allows users to tap simply on the video or snap and they can start viewing it right away. What this means is that in case you are watching a Story that goes on for more than a minute, you don’t have to exhaust your thumb anymore, however, it also means that long-time users of Snapchat will have to start adopting the new way of doing things.

Snapchat is a very popular application among young people in the U.S. However, the app has started to gain global popularity and with the continued addition of new features and enhancements, this app will keep increasing its user base from its current 200+ million users. At the moment, the app is valued at an estimated $16 billion thanks to the $650 million it raised earlier this year courtesy of fresh funding.