Adobe Flash Player 17 is the latest flash player version from Adobe.

As usual, this new app comes in with a bunch of new and extraordinary features for the millions of people that use this small application.

The best part of this new Flash Player 17 is that it has full support for all 64-bit operating systems as well as web browsers. The application will be very helpful when it comes to providing high resolution to bitmap images as well as decode asynchronous bitmaps. When it comes to enhancing your browsing experience, the new flash player app is equipped with engaging software that will ensure you get the best experience. The privacy and security of every aspect of this application have been beefed up, which is something those using this app will most welcome.

In general, the new Adobe Flash Player 17 is highly interactive and at the same time highly performing.

Here is a closer look at the features that Adobe has equipped in this flash media player.

Superior web content

Together with Adobe AIR runtime, Flash Player 17 will present you with superior web content and in an effective way. In this way, it becomes very easy to move content from one browser to the next or even across operating systems. What this means is that the end user gets an effortless system and, in the long run, he or she will be able to view this content in an efficient manner regardless of the device in use.

Enhanced developer features

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player 17 does not just take care of the needs of the everyday users. It also looks at the needs of developers who take pride in this application in developing Flash-based applications.

The new Flash Player 17 now adds enhanced features for developers where they can quickly develop HD games and content with the use of a codebase. Using the codebase function; developers will be able to reuse easily 2D and 3D apps or games with HD video.

Other features in Adobe Flash Player 17

There is something new for users of this application as they will now be able to make use of mouse coordinates as well as events when playing games. The latest addition also lets users effectively synchronize the mouse as well as access advanced mouse controls. Furthermore, this new version of Flash Player also adds support for ByteArray and ActionScript, which enable the creation of HD content.

The 17th version of Adobe Flash Player also adds full support for the keyboard. Also, it will now be possible to view games in full-screen mode regardless of the browser or OS in use. These additions ensure that gamers can play games more efficiently than before. This version also continues the Stage3D presence, which is an attribute that comes in handy when it is developing 2D and 3D cinematic graphics that allow better quality games with enhanced looks. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player 17 also enables users to stream 1080p videos.

Adobe Flash Player 17 is available for free download from the official Adobe website.

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