WhatsApp Messenger is now an entity of Facebook Inc. after the company took over reigns following an exchange of $19 billion between CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the owners of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton.  

This application was founded in 2009, and it first made its appearance in the iTunes App Store. After it begun to gain popularity, the developers of the app launched an Android version and later on other platforms followed suit. Facebook saw the potential in this app and in February last year the company shelled out a huge amount of money just to acquire the services of this app, and perhaps prevent its competitors from obtaining it.

WhatsApp users to “Like” photos shared among them

During its initial stages, the developers of WhatsApp had claimed that this application will remain a mobile phone-based instant messaging app alone and nothing more. However, the injection of huge funds by Facebook into this app meant that there were some changes that were inevitable. One such change was the introduction of a PC-based version of the app. Furthermore, WhatsApp has recently added a new voice calling feature to the platform, and there are on-going rumors that a video calling feature is on the way.

Before we get to see the video calling aspect, though, it seems there is something else the developers at Facebook are cooking for the millions who use this platform. There are rumors that WhatsApp will soon get an update where users can “Like” the photos they share with multiple friends. This is a feature that is already available on competing platforms such as LINE and WeChat, which are both doing amazingly well in Asia. At the moment, there is nothing much that can be confirmed about this rumor, however, all there is to say is that the feature will work in a similar way as that on Facebook, but on a smaller scale.

Users to start marking WhatsApp conversations as unread

WhatsApp Messenger will also be receiving another major update shortly that will enable users to mark their messages as unread, just as they’d do in emails. If you are one of those individuals who go through their messages pretty fast and the time of responding to all of them is limited, this tool will be a great addition for you. It will be possible to mark a message as unread and later on come back to read and respond to it.

This feature is already available on the company’s main instant messaging app – Facebook Messenger.

At the moment, these two features are just based on rumors and nothing has been confirmed by Facebook yet. However, they are not to be taken lightly because they are already doing well on other apps that are competing with WhatsApp for the same market. Also, these features are working perfectly well in other services offered by Facebook. If added, they will only be making an already great app even better.

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