If you own an Android smartphone, there are lots of things that this phone can do for you.

These devices are filled with features like LED notifications, apps, alternative launchers, icon packs, gesture controls and many others.

However, there are only 5 things that every single user of an Android device must know and here they are.

Optimizing your battery

Regardless of the Android device in use, there are always ways that the users can use to increase the battery life of the devices. The first thing you need to take care of is turning off the ambient display or rather, adaptive brightness. This setting will help save power as the display brightness changes with respect to the lighting conditions of the surrounding. You can play around with this setting to ensure that you get the right mix of lighting by going to the display settings of your phone for more options.

In addition, all the major Android devices come preinstalled with a battery saver mode. Even though each of these devices has different battery power saving modes, it is worth digging deeper in order to get the best out of them. You can get more details on this function by going to the Settings of your Android phone and look for battery or power.

Use Google Now virtual assistant

One of the greatest additions to the Android OS is the Google Now personal voice assistant. Using this feature, it is easier to retrieve information; however, this tool has more to offer. Google Now can also be used for interaction with apps, setting reminders, taking notes and a bunch of many other things. In essence, the more you interact with this Google Now virtual assistant, the more you get to know how powerful this tool can be. A suitable example is where you want to take a nap for say three hours. Rather than struggle to reach your phone and set the time you want to wake up, you can simply use Google Now and say something like “OK Google, wake me up after three hours.”

The good thing with this application is that it can work from any screen; however, you must enable this option from the Google Settings>Search & Now>Voice>OK Google detection>From any screen”.

Using the Android Device Manager

It is not known why some Android devices come without a dedicated device manager preinstalled. The Android Device Manager is for sure a great tool as it will help you narrow down the location of your lost device, lock it remotely, erase everything on it, ring it and even show a message to anyone who finds it. This is something that all the users of Android devices must learn to do.

To access the permissions of the Android Device Manager, head to the Google Settings option and from there, select Security. However, you must first of all activate your device manager as an Admin. This can be found under the security settings of your phone.

Save money and time by reducing data usage

The latest version of Google Chrome is actually one of the best browsers ever. Using this web browser, it is possible to cut down on the time spent on the web as well as the amount of data used in the same process. To enable this option, head to the device’s Chrome settings and turn on the Data Saver option.

You can also set your Wi-Fi to keep running even if your phone goes into sleep mode. Simply enable this option via the Advanced Wi-Fi settings option. This will ensure that your phone downloads media even if it’s in sleep mode.

Set lock screen security

Setting up a lock screen security is one of the most ignored things by the Android users. However, wait until you lose your phone and someone starts accessing your personal information with such great ease. To avoid this, simply set a PIN lock or pattern to prevent authorized access to your phone. Head to the Settings>Security>Screen lock and set the pattern or PIN. There are other devices that only need users to head to their device’s settings and then tap on Lock screen to set up the security lock.

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