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Avast vs AVG – Which Free Antivirus Is Safer And Better?


No computer should be left unprotected if it’s connected to the internet, because this virtual world is full of viruses, worms, malware and other intrusive software used by hackers to destroy your life. There are numerous antivirus programs and they have a free and a premium version, with additional features. Today, we’ll introduce you to Avast and AVG, which have many years of experience behind. We’ll compare the free versions and see which software has more to offer.


The developers made these programs very efficient, to protect the users against viruses, rootkids, spyware and malware, and the computers are safe when browsing online. There are viruses even on Facebook and YouTube, so with these programs, you won’t need to worry about them. Your incoming/outgoing emails will be scanned for viruses if you’re using Outlook or Thunderbird email clients, so you won’t send viruses to your friends, and you won’t infect with computer with viruses from them. Also, these programs offer solutions for gamers, through the smart gaming mode.

The free version of Avast comes with features such as Home Network Security, which will scan your home network, router and WiFi connection; Browser Cleanup will remove intrusive toolbars from your browser; Software Updater will monitor your browser, Adobe Reader, Java and other software to see if they’re up to date. Also, if you’re not very skilled at fixing your computer, you can ask someone who’s an expert, to do the job for you, via the Secured Remote Access To Computer feature.

The free version of AVG comes with these features: Web Browsing Protection, E-mail Client Protection, Silent/Gaming Mode, Spying and Data Theft Protection (which is found in the Avast premier version), Permanent Deletion of Sensitive Data (the data will never be restored), Free To Use Without Personal Registration and the links are scanned before the user visits them.

User Interface

Avast has a clear interface, with four tiles showing the most popular tools. To run them, you will need to click only once on them, not to double click on them. The tiles can be changed and you’ll decide which feature you want to see on the home page. There’s a green button to upgrade to Avast’s premium products, and when you’ll see the green color, it means that the device is protected, the shields are active and the software is up to date.

AVG has a clogged interface, and the users are assured that everything’s ok if the color is green, but if there are some problems, the interface will turn red (if the shields are disabled, they are colored in red). To scan your device, you will click on the Scan Now button placed below the main tiles and if you update the software, you will click on the button that sits to its right side.