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Gmail Free Download – Simple Plug-ins to become an Ideal Employee


Gmail has built a little ecosystem of its own with its plug-ins and add-ons.

If you are using Gmail for the sole purpose of emailing, you are missing the thrill. Have you ever realized that Gmail can be a pack of superpowers? Here is a list which will give you some outstanding tips to use Gmail at its best rather than just sending and receiving emails.

No More Regrets

With the upcoming updates, Gmail has relieved people by introducing the ‘Undo’ button. You can now allow your impulse to takeover you regular vibes while emailing. You must have at least once regretted for sending a message with typing errors or typing a long email and sending it to the wrong recipient. To avoid such hassle, Gmail has provided its users with ‘Undo Send’ option that allows you to pull back the sent email in a time window of five to thirty seconds.

Dig into the ‘Labs’ section of the ‘Settings’ page. Scroll down to the option that says ‘Undo Send’ and set the window frame for that option to stay on the screen. It is one of the most important add-ons that almost everybody can enjoy.


You have come across posts which are scheduled on the social networking sites. Have you ever wished to schedule your emails? If yes, then Gmail has fulfilled your necessity. With the Boomerang tool, you can schedule your emails and avoid coming off as a desperate sender. In case you want to showcase as an extremely dedicated employee, you can make the project and schedule it to send to your colleagues late night. You can time 10 emails a month if you want to use this tool free. However, if you are into a business that requires frequent scheduling, you can choose plans from $5 to $50 a month.

Know the Recipient

While working in corporate sectors, you may not understand with whom you are having the conversation. Hence, Gmail has offered tools such as FullContact and Rapportive that can give you a quick glance of the person you are conversing.

You start to type an email and at the right sidebar, you have every detail of the person as if you are reading his or her business card. Theoretically, FullContact is a little more useful than the other. It automatically gains information of the person from the social media network and displays it at the Gmail sidebar.

The White Lies of Email

It is often the case that we discover that despite the early indication of change in the schedule of meeting through email, one of your co-workers animate as if they have not read the email. However, Gmail is smart enough to invent a tool that can allow tracking whether the recipient has read the message. With MailTrack you can even understand the time when the recipient has read the email. Hence, there can be no hidden white lies when you are using Gmail.

Enjoy Emailing with Ultimate Plug-ins

It is a basic fact that you need internet connectivity to use Gmail or any other emailing option. However, Gmail has raised the bars for the rest of the email facility providers by introducing Gmail Offline. You can have all sorts of manageable lists as a bunch in your inbox with a Gmail tool known as ‘Sortd’. It sorts out your email and bunches the same type together.

On the other hand, with ‘Attachment Reminder’, you do not forget to send any email without attachments if you have mentioned to affix anything in the email. Gmail scans the email with the word ‘attach’ or any synonym to it written in the email. In case it finds out any word and you hit the send button without attaching any, you receive an error message box stating that you have forgotten to attach the attachments. Hence, now you do not have to regret for forgetting to send emails without attachments or a subject line.

With the corporate world stepping in, it is often the case that you may not be using Gmail as a professional communication platform. However, if you are making use of it, do not forget to have a little experience of all the featured add-ins offered by Gmail.