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Halo 5 Guardians Split Screen Co-op is Expected to Return Soon


The official heads and lead developer from 343 industries have confirmed that Halo 5 Guardians will not have local co-op, split screen gaming or any option to host a LAN party.

Instead, players have to buy one copy of the game so that they could play with their friends. It is a bit ridiculous for those who are used to couch gaming because the fun is all about sharing the same television screen and screaming at each other. Besides, it is practically impossible to have to televisions in the same room, whereas playing in different places obviously destroys the whole concept of co-operative gaming. After all, if all you need is a multiplayer, you can go online on your Xbox One or PC to any online game than having to wait for a friend to play with.

Why Local Campaign Co-op was Made Online Only?

343 industries, the developers of the anticipated exclusive Halo 5 Guardians seem to have a genuine reason for this question. The campaigns have been one of the strongest points in the game. They don’t simply ask you to shoot everything that moves, but has real people and characters played by actors. The story of Master Chief is a long one which is probably nearing a finale in the upcoming game and a new character might take over. In all previous co-op campaigns, there were some players to fight along with the primary player but it was mostly AI.

In the new Halo 5, the additional players are actually controlled by real humans. It is fun and will be exciting than ever, confirmed the team. When players are joining you in the campaign, co-op just gets even better because they respond to you and you have to work as a team to win. It allows the easy ‘drop-in’ or ‘dropout’ from the main mission as and when the players like to.

“Four player co-op is our dream with big levels and maps. The large areas allow each one of them to move around with ease and approach the mission in different routes. Besides, the enemies are smarter and it is not easy to kill them by simply running towards them”, added the developers.

Local Co-op

Local multiplayer co-op however might be introduced in the near future according to inside sources. Both critics and gamers alike feel that Halo 5 Guardians could never be complete until this feature is added. It might be rolled out as an update after launch.