If you have been using a smartphone for the past few years, you may have already noticed that nearly all of these devices come with battery issues.  

While some users might be obsessed with the huge AMOLED and LCD display screens on these Android phones, the rate at which these large screens drain their phone’s batteries is astonishing. The good side of the story is that there are lots of things that you can do to help take care of these notorious battery hogs and in turn get the most out of your Android smartphone.

The following section covers the top 6 battery saving tips that you can apply on your Android device to ensure that the phone’s battery lasts longer.

Using dark-colored or black backgrounds

Most phones, especially the Samsung models, come with an AMOLED screen display. In such a case, make sure you use a black or dull background since these types of screen usually illuminates colored pixels only. In case of a dark background, the pixels are not lit and as a result, less battery power is required to light them up.

It is also important to note that applying darker themes or backgrounds to apps will help in prolonging your battery life.

Disable auto-brightness

Screen brightness is one of the most common battery hogs in the Android smartphones. It even gets worse if auto-brightness is turned on as this setting is usually brighter than you may need. It is advisable to set the level manually so that you can lower or increase the brightness depending on the current needs.

Disable vibration

Another way of saving your phone’s battery life is to switch off vibration. Ringing takes less power than vibration does, so, unless you are in a meeting and don’t want sounds on your phone, it is better to get rid of the vibration mode. Also ensure that haptic feedback is turned off as well since it is just another battery drainer that has no significant addition to the overall user experience.

Get original batteries

One problem that may be causing a reduced battery life is using fake batteries. It is very important that you stick to the original manufacturer’s choices or still, you can opt for a respected manufacturer. Don’t rush for the low-priced batteries just to save a few bucks, for you may end up regretting this move.

Set a short timeout period

Set the display of your phone to have a shorter time out, for instance, 15 seconds. This means that the phone will go to sleep after 15 seconds of not using. This will save more power than keeping the phone on for a minute before the display is turned off.

Turn off notifications when not using the phone

The best way to do this is using the “Blocking mode” or “Sleep times” where your phone will automatically switch off mobile data and Wi-Fi services, when you don’t require them. You can even set the device not to ring, vibrate or even connect to the web as long as you are not using it. Another way of dealing with this case is enabling the airplane mode.

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