Sony and Naughty Dog joined hands to showcase some of the exciting features of Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End.

Every Playstation 4 owner is mightily excited to own the game, because it is the exclusive that they have been waiting for, for a really long time.

If you own the PS4 console, this one is a must have. The game made by Naughty Dog has taken longer than expected to get launched. It was supposed to be out in 2015 itself, but was postponed to 2016. But, the E3 2015 demo and game play video was so stunning that most people didn’t complain, but decided to get it. Pre-orders are going at an amazing rate and on the eve of the event, the developers took to the stage to make some important announcements. They confirmed the technical details of the game, including the frame rate and the resolution in which it will run by default.

Full HD but not 60 FPS

Even though, PS4 and Xbox One are supposed to be ground breaking as the next gen consoles, both of them are fumbling to touch the 60 FPS mark. A lot of computers, even those running on older hardware touch those frame rates in the older games. Powerful gaming rigs could go even higher and there is always the option to change graphics in PCs.

Such freedom is not facilitated for console gamers and developers decide the frame rates. Naughty Dog during the Sony press event confirmed that Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End will be running in full HD, 1080p resolution in both the single player and the multiplayer campaigns. However, they added that the game will be locked at 30 frames per second for the single player missions whereas multiplayer maps which probably have lesser graphics will be able to run at 60 fps without stutters.

Compromising to Build Quality World

Naughty Dog took the time to explain as to why they couldn’t achieve 60 FPS in Uncharted 4. They clarified that even though there are possibilities where they could change the map, align the geometry and adjust graphics to increase frame rates, it will probably mess with the world that they have created.

“We imagined the world and the map to look in a way. A lot of things are there which helps the players feel immersed while playing the game. Changing them to increase frame rates may take longer and it will also spoil the end product”, added the developer.

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