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Viber Download Available For Windows Phone – Full Features Update and Bug Fixes


Those who are in charge of Viber thought it was about time to come out with an update, a teeny one it’s true, but still an update. What is this update all about you may wonder? It allows those who use Viber on Windows Phone to see the pictures while engaged in a chat with a simple left to right swiping gesture.

But wait, that’s not all. This new update also included a possibility for Viber devotees to temper with the language.

Now there is a brand new Viber version available in the Windows Phone Store. Apparently, based on the changelog, there have been several errors and bugs that were fixed, but no extra info or data have been revealed regarding these errors.

So, if you’re curious to see how it works, head on to the Windows Phone Store and get the Viber 4.5.1 version. You shouldn’t experience any difficulties in activating the Viber app, if you’re on a device that runs on Windows Phone 8 and even higher than 8.

An important reminder here in case it slipped your mind: the app is free of charge and you can say farewell to those annoying ads. Don’t forget that if you use Viber, your phone number is your actual ID. Once you install the app, it will link with the mobile contact list and will immediately discover all of your contacts that are already on Viber. And in case you’re new to Viber, here are some quick features you can benefit from using this efficient and free app:

  • You can text, send pictures or start a video message (with other Viber friends)
  • A Location-sharing feature
  • Amazing VoiP calls (on Wi-fi or 3G)
  • Cool stickers to use in text messages
  • Inexpensive prices for calling landlines numbers/mobile ones and the list can go on.

So what are you waiting for? Try Viber today and enjoy all of its new and upcoming updates on Windows Phone.