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Waze App Free Download – A Route to Smart and Comfortable Journey


You may or may not have heard of Waze mobile application.

Waze is an app that was developed in Israel to provide traffic-related information to drivers who download it to avoid traffic problems. The application really made the news headlines back in 2013, when tech giant Google acquired it for a whopping $1.3 billion. Before that, Waze was just a small Israel-based company.

So what is Waze?

Waze is basically a free app for Android and iOS that combines a nice turn-by-turn GPS app with the social features of an app such as Twitter. The application uses its unique crowd sourcing method to collect information on what’s happening on the road. Waze largely depends on people who have downloaded their app to record updates on weather, road closures, traffic delays, accidents and traffic jams. In addition, the users contribute information on the location of their vehicle as well as speed. This data is gathered by Waze and then made public for other users to utilize when using the road at that time.

What makes Waze better than other navigation apps out there is the fact that it does not use OpenStreetMap, Google, Bing or MapQuest maps. Rather, their maps are totally user generated. There are editors to ensure that the data the app detects is reliable and not misleading. There are lots of challenges on the road and the drivers need to be aware of them. With Waze, the drivers can become more informed about these problems. This way, they are able to plan their journey in advance.

Waze Community

Waze community is what makes this app truly stick out from the rest. It lets the drivers to safely report accidents, road closures and other issues or concerns for fellow drivers. This report is not sourced from anyone apart from the drivers who have installed the app to their phones.

As you drive and contribute to the Waze community, e.g. by reporting road issues, you earn points. These points are meant to distinguish you from the other users. It is not the most important thing in the application though.

You might not like Waze because of the fact that it does not catch everything. But this is understandable because the data is derived directly from the users. The more drivers use the service, the more reliable it becomes. The information provided by users typically expires after a certain period of time. This means that the info is quite fresh and reliable at almost all times.

The app also features a Map Chat. This feature is designed to let you chat with the other users. However, some drivers say this feature is a bit complicated. Perhaps they have made it a bit difficult to use in order to discourage the drivers from texting and driving.

Final Thoughts

Waze has almost everything you will want in a navigation app. However, the app seems to have been designed for drivers and other road users. It cannot be used to view buildings and aerial imagery like Google Maps or Google Earth. Overall, Waze is a great app that everyone can benefit from. And the best part is that it costs nothing.