When all the companies are trying to block off social networking apps from being used during the office hours, you can find a few of the companies urging their staff to stay connected through social channels such as Dubsmash.

Dubsmash is a selfie video creator where you are allowed to play any chosen audio in the background and shoot your video to lip sync with the audio;once done, you can upload and share it with your followers. An app developed by three German developers, Dubsmash is spreading like wildfire through the users. But what is making corporates use it?

The Trendy Meetings

Offices are no longer taking any official meets in a conference room. They tend discuss it with a WhatsApp group and keep rolling the ball through this chat app until the topic comes to a conclusion. Hence, even if the employees are not in the office or are working from another city, the meets or urgent decisions are not ceased by any chances.

What does It Signify?

Chatting or keeping in touch through social sharing apps increases internal communication. With the help of social networks, people are now talking to each other instead of being drowned in work. The companies are trying to leverage these apps to bring in themore comfortable atmosphere amongst different hierarchies. It creates an altogether different level of relationship as your boss is no longer the one remanding from his cabin but a friend in a group chat.

The New Challenges

One of the organizations in Noida planned to have a campaign in which every staff member will be making the best selfie video through Dubsmash. The employee who receives maximum votes will be awardedprizes or gift vouchers. This is a simple example of how Dubsmash can become a stress buster, and people may try to take some time out of their routine and have a playful atmosphere in the office.

The crowd, nowadays, is becoming extra tech-savvy. Young countries like India, where most of the people are connected through social media, feel detached from the outer world if they are blocked from social networking applications in offices. The youngsters are reluctant to work in such conditions where only a typical corporate life is followed. Hence, to remove the thin line drawn by the organizations, such Dubsmash contests are held. More contests over Dubsmash will lead to more excitement; more excitement will make the employees bring more energy to their office work. This will, eventually, bring a pep atmosphere and zest to work comfortably.

This is the sole reason for the employers to urge their working staff in downloading and enjoying Dubsmash.

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