Last week Facebook Messenger started running tests of a new search tool that is aimed at making life easier when it comes to finding stickers and GIFs.

This is just an experimental feature and at the moment, little can be said of when the tool is expected to be rolled out to the users of this application across the globe. According to the latest word on the street, this feature is currently available to select users in Canada. It’s not that hard to find out whether you have been selected to run the tests of this new unified search tool. All that the users need to do is to load the app and look for a tiny magnifying glass icon located to the right of the field labeled “Type a message….”just above the virtual keyboard on your phone.

When you tap on this icon, the field will effectively turn into a search bar where you can search for GIFs from Riffsy and GIPHY. The tool will also look for stickers from the available Messenger collection. All of these searches can be done based on the name of a person, a location, title of a movie or even your feelings.

Users can search for stickers and GIFs in the current Facebook Messenger version, but it’s very cumbersome

The current version of Facebook Messenger still allows the users to search for stickers from within the app. This is done by simply tapping on the stickers icon located in the row just below the text field. However, it can be a very tricky thing when it comes to finding the appropriate GIF. This is true because the users must first of all tap on the “More” tab located above the virtual keyboard and then head into the individual app (which must again be installed) and then search for the GIF.

Final thoughts

At the moment, the new search tool for stickers and GIFs is only limited to Riffsy and GIPHY, however, there is news that this tool will eventually support more apps as it grows. Facebook is really taking instant messaging to the next level with a series of new introductions to this platform. It has been working very hard at consolidating as well as unifying tools in the hope that the user experience will be bettered. This seems to be working in the company’s favor as it has increased its user base to more than 700 million users, which is just 100 million shy of WhatsApp’s 800+ million users.

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