If you are trying to copy something, copy the best of it.

That is the premise BlackBerry is using these days as the company is trying to get back on the smartphone market with an Android phone. As it seems right now, BlackBerry will copy some of the most successful features and aspects of the Android phones and install them in the BlackBerry Venice. Here are some fresh rumors about the phone.

Design Rumors

The first leaked photos of the BlackBerry Venice show a phone that has a close resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The Venice is rumored to have a 5.4 inch display screen, with slopped screen on both ends, just as is the case with the S6 Edge. What features will the slopped screen of the BlackBerry Venice bring to the table is unknown at the moment. One factor that contributes to the larger size of the Venice when compared to the Galaxy S6 Edge is the QWERTY keyboard installed just below the capacitive touchscreen.

Specs and OS Rumors

As for the specs, the rumors are that the phone will be operated by the second generation of the Snapdragon 810 chipset. It is a chipset that allegedly has improved and solved the heating issues of its predecessor. When it comes to the OS, the BlackBerry Venice will run on the Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box. There are no reports whether BlackBerry will add some personal skin on top of it. However, if the company wants to succeed, it would be better that the phone comes with a Stock Android OS.

Price and Release Date Rumors

BlackBerry badly wants to release the new phone on the market before the holiday sales. The initial reports are that the phone will be announced in mid to late November; chances are the phone may hit the market before 2016. The price is not set in stone yet and there are no rumors about it. However, it is safe to expect a cheaper phone than the other Android flagships.

Technology Mobile Phones First Pictures of BlackBerry Venice Show Close Resemblance to Galaxy S6 Edge