Apple tries to provide the best services to its users.

It offers exclusive tools to the Apple fans, but sometimes no matter how hard they try, their rivals offer much better services. Gmail is one of those rivals and it has proved its existence through the huge crowd using its services.

If you are one of those Apple users who are trying too hard to find a client that can support Gmail on your device, then you have landed at the perfect page. Recently, Kiwi for Gmail has claimed that it will bring all the features of Gmail to the Mac users. The developers have spent more than 2 years in making such an app that allows Gmail to work differently than it does in the apps similar to the browsers.

What is the Benefit

You have many default features of Gmail that can be used by the users of Mac. Some of the attributes are labels, perfect keywords, keyboard shortcuts, chat, stars, drive, filters, Google Calendar, inline buttons, buckets, labs, archive, priority inbox, important flags, bulk attachments and many more.

In addition to that, you can toggle between multiple accounts and use Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and most of the add-ons that Google provides.

Which Problems of Mac users are Solved

There are three major problems that Kiwi has solved. The Gmail experience is not as better as Mac provides. The exquisiteness and dependability of Mac cannot be felt with the Gmail’s app. Gmail is usually used in a browser that performs slowly. Hence, the users have to search for the right browser to use Gmail. Email users of Mac have to limit their usage of Gmail features as it hogs a lot of memory. With the help of Kiwi, all the above problems are solved and the Apple users can easily email through Gmail without any restrictions.

What are the Additional Features from Kiwi

Kiwi has introduced a small icon as a shortcut that can open the message window to create an email. You can even notify yourself with all the new emails hitting your mailbox or switch them off. The elite version of Kiwi has limited access to the features whereas the full version is a fully occupied package, where you get almost everything of Gmail on Mac.

Though you are a die-hard Mac fan, you cannot ignore a few of the features Google provides. Hence, to have a perfect interface, use Kiwi to access Gmail.

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