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Latest Google Hangouts 4.0 Rolled out for iOS, Update Coming to Android Soon


Google recently released a preview of the latest Google Hangouts 4.0 app and as it seems, the stable version has been secretly rolled out to the iOS platform.  

At the moment, this update is available in the stable version of the iOS version, but the feature can only be accessed on the beta version of the Android app. It will only be a matter of time before this new version is rolled out in full for the Android users.

Google Hangouts 4.0 update comes in to address performance issues and bug fixes

The latest Hangouts 4.0 update comes in to address a number of issues related to performance as well as to fix several bugs that have been troubling the users of this app. In addition, there are a number of additions and beef-ups when it comes to the user interface of this app. The developers introduced some tweaks in the design such that the app is now much easier to interact with.

Wholesale changes in design and layout

If you update to the latest version of Google Hangouts on your iOS device, you will not only notice some changes in the design, but also some huge improvements in the layout of the app in general. One such area is the chat area where the iOS users will now have a better view of the text in messages as it will be highlighted in a darker green shade while the text is in white. This makes it easier on your eyes and much more perfect for scrolling through even if the message thread is long.

There are no tabs on the loading screen, which gives it a much simpler and slimmer layout while there is also a new floating action button that includes video calls, speed dials, new SMS, new groups as well as new conversations. The space where a drop down menu was has now been taken by a navigation panel while at the same time the mini camera view finder is visible even if typing text in a chat message.

You will no longer see the trash icon when managing conversations. There is also a new way of notifying the users with respect to muted conversations. Furthermore, there is a status option where the users can set a status of their choice. There is no longer a visible Google avatar that can be seen when in chat windows and there are no more time stamps in single chat messages. When you long press on your friend’s avatar, you will see messaging details for reference appear.

The new Google Hangouts 4.0 for iOS has also come in with a new attachment interface where it is now much quicker to access emojis, stickers, photos and buttons for attachments. This has made the process of attaching files while at the same time moving around the layout much easier, thanks to the fact that it comes with its personalized toolbar rather than hiding itself behind the paperclip like with the previous version.

Rather than going around opening a new window in order to attach files, there is now a new button within the keyboard, where you will also find the viewfinder with the options of attaching multiple photos.

If you are a user of iOS 7.0 and above, you can get the latest version of Google Hangouts 4.0 from the iTunes App Store right now. Those on the Android devices will have to wait a little longer before they can get the stable version from the Google Play Store.