The Samsung Galaxy S6 was crowned as the best camera phone the moment the Korean company announced it.

LG G4 came two months later, and the race for the best camera phone became even tighter. The two flagships are both impressive in their way. And while their cameras are powerful, the camera app sometimes makes the difference. We compare the applications of both phones to see which one is better and easier to use.

Quick Access

Quickly accessing the camera application is critical in some situations. Both phones have shortcuts for the camera application via physical keys. For the S6, you need to press the home button two times to launch the camera app. From there, you can snap a picture using the volume keys button, or tap on the screen. The G4 launches the camera with a double tap on the volume down button. This action will launch the app and snap a picture instantly.

Auto Mode

For those who use the auto mode for daily pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is arguably the best phone on the market. The auto mode of the phone has a button for quick access to settings. In auto mode, there are few other buttons for flash, HDR, and timer. You can also tap on the screen to focus. LG’s phone has two auto modes. The first one is a simple auto mode, where there isn’t even a camera screen. The whole screen is clear, and you need to tap anywhere for taking pictures. The simple auto mode doesn’t offer control over HDR, flash and other settings. It is a limiting option, but it gives you clear screen. The second auto mode has mode options but still doesn’t provide control over HDR. Both phones have a quick button for video recording in auto mode.

Extra Features and Modes

When it comes to extra features and modes, nothing beats the Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera application of the S6 has several filters and effects that you can use even before you shoot the photo. The LG G4 does not have those filters. As for the extra modes, there are few default modes, but Samsung also had many free modes you can download from the Galaxy Store, including Animated GIF, Sports, Dual Shot, Surround Shot, Food and much more.

Manual Mode

If you do not want to tweak the manual mode much, and use auto mode for daily photos, then the Galaxy S6 is the perfect flagship for you. The phone does feature a manual mode, but the problem is there isn’t much you can tweak. Most importantly, the manual mode of the S6 lacks control over shutter speed. The LG G4, on the other hand, has the best manual mode of all other flagships on the market, not just the Galaxy S6. The G4 holds control over two of the most important settings: shutter speed and ISO. You can also select the focus manually. And the UI for managing these settings is as simple as it can be.

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