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Send Messages using Facebook for Android – No Need of Installing Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger took a huge step towards becoming an independent app by announcing that the users will no longer need their Facebook credentials in order to send and receive instant messages using the app.

This is a good move that most haters of Facebook would love as they will not be bothered by the agony of signing up for Facebook. This is something that most users were expecting to come at an earlier time than now considering the fact that the company made it known that it was preparing for this move about a year ago.

It is during this announcement that Facebook made it clear that users of the Facebook app for mobile will no longer be able to send messages from within the app and instead, they had to download and install the Messenger app. This forced some users into downloading and installing this instant messaging app, while others decided to stick to the web version, which offers all features available on the standalone Messenger app and the Facebook for Android app.

Why have two apps for accessing full Facebook features?

Despite the fact that the Facebook Messenger app has since seen a magnificent increase in its user base, with the current number standing at over 700 million active monthly users, there are continuing grumbles with respect to the idea of having two apps installed on a single device, just so as to access the full features of Facebook.

However, there is some good news for those using the Facebook for Android app as there is still a way they can keep in touch with their friends via messages when using the Facebook app on their phones.

How to read and send messages directly from the Facebook for Android app

One thing you should realize is that this trick only works with the Facebook for Android app. However, you must first of all remove the currently installed Facebook Messenger app for this trick to work. Once it is not on your Android device, accessing messages from within the Facebook for Android app will result in a message that asks you to download and install Facebook Messenger. However, in case your device does not have enough space (eat up your device’s storage space in case is has any), the app will send you a download error message.

Basically, the idea here is to make sure that there is no enough room for downloading and installing the latest Facebook Messenger app. Once this threshold is achieved, you may be forced to re-launch the app or even restart your phone in order for the trick to start working. However, by the end of it all you will be able to receive and send messages directly from the Facebook app on your Android device. Even though you won’t have the Messenger app, you will still see a download button at the bottom of your screen asking you to get the Messenger app installed on your device.