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WhatsApp Download Available – Video Calling Features


It seems that the developers of WhatsApp understood that they need to bring more new features to the application so that the 800 million active will continue to be interested in this application in the future. The amount of active users is very huge and we’re pretty sure that the developers don’t want to lose them because of some missing feature.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in February 2014 and since then, we’ve noticed that the application has received many features. One of the best features that the developers released for this application is Voice Calling. Nobody believed that WhatsApp will receive this feature so soon, but it got released first on Android OS, on March 2015, and, after that, it became available for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Windows Phone.

A few days ago, the developers have released the new emojis with different human races and yesterday we’ve told you about the “Like” button that it will be released for the application soon enough.

WhatsApp Video Calling feature

After the Voice Calling feature was released, there were a lot of rumors saying that the Video Calling is going to come to WhatsApp soon enough. It is not yet known when or if this will happen, but the developers of WhatsApp should think of bringing this feature soon enough, or else there will be users who will want to test out other instant messaging applications that come with both the Voice and Video Calling features (such as Viber).

We’re pretty sure that if the WhatsApp application will receive the Video Calling feature soon, there will be a lot of users who will never ditch WhatsApp over any other instant messaging application.

Unfortunately, the Video Calling feature is currently just a rumor and it was not confirmed by anyone from WhatsApp. Hopefully, the developers of WhatsApp will come with some official news regarding the Video Calling feature soon enough.

However, we will keep you updated with any new features that will come to WhatsApp in the future.