Facebook has tasted enough success as a social media platform and is now trying to test waters on a completely new channel. Based on their recent announcements, it looks like they might be competing directly with YouTube.

The assumption comes from the fact that Mark Zuckerberg commented during a press conference that his website will be a video centric page by the year 2019. While there is time to reach the said year, they have already rolled out a new feature that has a lot of similarities with YouTube. Named the floating video option, it now allows the users to simply click on a button and the video will automatically reach the right side corner of your screen. One can continue to scroll through the news feed, like or comment as the video continues to play on the side. You can even click and drag to drop it anywhere as you please.

Copying YouTube

The feature introduced by Facebook is available in beta right now. The company has confirmed that it will be made available on the desktop version of the website and that there is no immediate plan to introduce it to the mobile app anytime soon. However, YouTube has embraced this floating video icon years ago and it is already available on their smartphone app for a long time now.

It is much easier to use on a smartphone or tablet where you may tend to browse a lot. As you keep scrolling, the video on the side will continue to play. If you find it interesting, you can click on it to maximize it or simply swipe it away to close it. Introducing this for FB is a good move as a lot of videos are now being seen on the news feed but the problem is that YouTube is too big and perfect at the moment. No one has a need for another site or player to play videos as Facebook does.

Sharing Made Easy

The floating video is not only designed to maximize when you click on it but it also comes with its own sharing buttons. If you like it a lot, you can simply share it with your friends. Dragging and being able to drop it anywhere on the screen is an added convenience. With so much to do, will Facebook launch a video website of its own? They might, judging by the way things are going and let’s hope it’s a good one.

Applications Facebook’s Floating Video Feature Directly Competes with YouTube