Longtime fans were surprised when they saw the promotional videos for Fallout 4 focusing on a world that is still intact; but the game director Todd Howard confirmed that the game is indeed set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The last in the series, Fallout 3 ended on an interesting note with characters and storyline that need elaboration. Players had to wait not just a couple of months, but over seven years for the next series in the game to get launched. But, the teaser videos showcased had a world which had actual humans living in it and the blast that destroyed it was yet to happen. Talking about the game’s storyline, Howard confirmed that it is indeed set in Boston and will follow the script from Fallout 3, but the pre-apocalyptic world was being showcased simply as a prologue.

“We want to bring longtime fans as well as newcomers into the world of Fallout. The present world in the game will act as a prologue, introducing everyone to it before pushing them into the dust ridden post-apocalyptic world,” said Todd Howard.

Bringing the Emotions In

The game director wants the players to feel as if they lost everything just like the characters in the game. Fallout 4 will start with a prologue where things are normal until the world goes topsy-turvy and they find themselves in the vault.

“When they come out of the vault, they should feel as if they have really lost everything. In order to feel that, they should have had something in the beginning, right? That’s what the game proposes to establish with the prologue before going into the main storyline,” he clarified.

VATS – Targeting System  

Fallout 4 is also going to introduce a new feature named the Vault Tec Assisted Targeting System which will help players enjoy a turn based combat system in first person mode. The same strategic elements from the original Fallout games have been implemented, but in the first person; it will offer a much more dynamic experience than before.

Compared to the earlier targeting system, this one is much more accurate and moves at a really slow pace. Finding your targets and destroying them in time is much easier, if you plan your moves. Players can assign the most critical shot and take down an opponent before moving to the next one, added the game developers. Fallout 4 has already won multiple awards including the best of E3 2015.

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