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Gmail Free Download – Follow the Basic Step Guide to Call on your Friend's Phone from Gmail

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Google has brought you with an excellent service – Gmail.

However, Google has not restricted it with only sending and receiving emails feature. Gmail, from the year 2010, has introduced an exclusive feature that allows you to dial and call at the phone number of your friends or to the contacts that you have in your email list.

Here is how you can install the application and use it to call up directly at the phone numbers through the internet.

Create a Gmail Account

To make phone calls to your friend’s phone through an email address, you will need a Gmail account. If you do not own one, kindly create it by adding your credentials to Google and thus, set up your account. Google does not take much time in granting you email accounts. Hence, it will hardly take a couple of minutes to have your personal account ready.

Selecting the Right Option

Once you have completed the task of creating a Gmail account, add the person’s Gmail id for making the necessary call. Take your pointer to the left side of the Gmail pane and try searching for a telephone icon which denotes ‘Call Phone’. Install the plug in of Voice and Video to activate calling. Press the ‘Call Phone’ button to help you understand its process.

Make the Call

Once you have read the complete process, check the ‘Accept’ button. It means you have understood all the rules and privacy policies made by Google and you, henceforth, abide them. Once you click ‘Accept’, you receive a call box tab where you can either dial the number directly or enter the contact name to retrieve the number. In case you enter a wrong digit, kindly hit the backspace or delete button of your keyboard as you will not find any delete button on the phone pad. Tap the call button, blue in color, which will be located at the base of the phone pad. The moment you hit it, your call will commence and you can soon start talking from your computer to your friend’s phone.

Google has revolutionized the technology from every aspect. It has brought the whole world together and challenged every other technology to beat its ideas. Moreover, Gmail has not ceased itself from any advancement. Right from calling a person from Gmail account to undo the sent email, Gmail has kept its users engaged since a decade now.