Spam is one of the main issues that all mail services have. We’re pretty that you’re receiving a few Spam emails every day and this happens even if you don’t use your email for register on specific websites. This happens even if you don’t share the email to anyone, as usually these emails are sent to random email addresses.

Over the years, Google has tried to reduce the amount of spam emails that reach the Gmail inboxes and today we can say that the big search engine company is taking things a step further by releasing the Gmail Postmaster Tools and some improved filter training for Gmail.

One of the problems with spam emails is the big amount of volume they use and that they are pretty hard to detect nowadays. Sometimes, even legitimate emails get into the junk folder for no reason, but now, with the Gmail Postmaster Tools, things will get better.

Gmail Postmaster Tools will help high volume senders to analyze their email, which includes the data of spam reports, reputation and delivery errors. This way, Google will be able to „route” their messages to the right place and not in the junk folder.

As we’ve told you above, Gmail Postamaster Tools is not for everyone and it’s designed for companies that send high volume of emails. The application comes with a simple wizard drive interface that will guide the sender through the process of verifying their identity and help Google to understand that the emails they are about to send are legitimate and not spam.

It is good to know that there is an update for email recipients also. With other words, in order to help improving the efficiency of spam filtering, Gmail will “learn” from people that click on “Not Spam” or “Spam” in their inboxes. This way, in case the feature sends an email directly to the spam folder and someone set it as “Not Spam”, it will learn that the specific email is not a spam one.

What are your thoughts about the Gmail Postmaster Tools? Are you receiving many spam emails everyday?

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