Google and Apple will again continue their trend of locking heads when it comes to competing for the same markets.

The latest addition comes from the Google end as this company has now made its mapping app, Google Maps, a much better option than Apple Maps. If you don’t believe this, keep reading.

There is now a better reason for you to ditch using Apple Maps and immediately head over to using Google Maps. In this new version of Google Maps for iOS, you will come across a new functionality that lets users share their location on a variety of apps, including Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Easier way of sharing locations on Facebook, Messenger and other apps

Even though this is not the biggest change, it is one of the most highlighted additions to this platform. This feature will be very helpful when it comes to communicating our locations and giving directions. In fact, the latter case is where it will come in handy as not everyone is good with giving directions. Unlike with the case of Apple Maps where the users have to first of app launch the mapping service and then drop a pin, take a screenshot of the location you want to share and then send it to your friend. Another way involved simply copying and pasting a link of the location you are sharing.

This is no more thanks to Google Maps 4.8.0 for iOS as this app comes with a simpler process of sharing locations. All you need is to tap on the Share button on the Google Maps app and from there, you will see a list of apps that the location can be shared to, among them is Facebook Messenger, Pinterest and the Facebook site itself.

Other features in Google Maps 4.8 for iOS

The latest Google Maps 4.8.0 for iOS does not just come in with the ability to share locations on other platforms; however, you will also come across other features like enhanced transit directions that include real-time arrival for select cities. In addition, the new app includes a collection of images for different locations that you may want to share or view.

Apple Maps also made some changes and improvements as far as transit directions and sharing capability are concerned; however, the ease of use and simplicity of using Google Maps is something Apple will struggle to meet.

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