According to recent statistics, Google Play Store offers more than 1.4 million mobile apps to users across the globe.

For This reason, searching for the best Android apps is not an easy task. Whether you are looking for an instant messaging app or a video player app, there are always loads of high-quality applications as well as low-quality ones. Here is the full list of the best Android apps for 2015.

Messenger apps  

There are tons of messenger apps that users can download from Play Store. Some of the popular instant messaging apps include WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Google Hangouts. However, WhatsApp is known to be the most popular of them all. For instance, the FacebookownedMessenger app has more than 800 million monthly active users worldwide.

Apps for kids

Today, children are growing up with mobile apps as part and parcel of their lives, besides television and reading. There are some funny and educational games appropriate for your kids. Just go to the categories section in the Google Play Store and choose an age group. There are also subcategories like games and education.

Best video selfie app

Love it or hate it, selfies are now part of our life. It has become an official word, and Merriam-Webster dictionary officially included the new word into the English dictionary. There are a countless number of selfie apps available for Android devices. Some of the best selfie applications include YouCam Perfect, CamMe, FaceTune, Fiverr Faces, Replica and Instagram. For example, Replica features over 100 different real-time filters. The built-in timer and collage feature gives you even more options for capturing the perfect poses.

Lip syncing apps

There are a few lip syncing apps available for Android smartphones. However, there is one of them taking over Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networks. It is called Dubsmash. The app is designed to allow users to become their favourite movie star or singer. The application uses the voice of a politician, musician, movie actor or cartoon character and puts your lip syncing skills to the test. The app was originally designed for iPhones, but it is now available for Android phones as well.

Best Android browsers

We all know that accessing the web is an important part of virtually every device these days. Surprisingly, many users use the browser that came with their phone. There are a few amazing Android browsers out there. Chrome is one of the best and most popular Android browsers. It generally comes pre-loaded on users’ phones. Opera Browser is another typical browser. It is popular for being fast, lightweight and secure. Other browsers include Firefox, Dolphin and UC browser. It is now up to you to choose which works for your device or needs.

Best Video Player apps

With smartphone screen getting bigger and bigger, it is becoming easier than ever to turn your phone into a portable cinema. “MX Player” is one of the most popular video player apps that would help you play your favourite videos. Others include BS Player, MoboPlayer, VLC Beta, Dice Player and Rock Player 2.

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