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Halo 5 Guardians Don’t Have LAN and Split Screen Multiplayer Options


This is definitely not good for players who love to enjoy games with their friends on the same television, but Halo 5 Guardians has removed one of the most beloved features in the franchise.

All the Halo games on the Xbox console and even the PC versions were gamer friendly. It allowed people to easily host LAN parties where you don’t have to own different copies of the game, but can use the single copy to connect every machine. PC gamers love this feature which is now old school, because such feature exists only in Halo 2, Quake and other retro titles where new games strongly detest it. Developers want you to pay $60 every time a friend wants to play the game and you have to be connected to the web to be able to access them all. Halo 5 is the new one to join this lot!

No more Local Multiplayer

Local multiplayer, be it on LAN or split screen shooting, they always offer unlimited fun. You will surely have enjoyed this as some point or the other in your childhood. Most console games either can local co-op or featured split screen gaming, like the Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Quake Arena on the Playstation One console. Players don’t have to own different copies of the game but could swap in the disc and start gaming.

It is definitely a huge disappointment for those who are used to playing games with friends on the same television, screaming at each other. The news was confirmed by a representative from 343 industries who said, every multiplayer mode including arena, campaigns as well as the war zone will be featuring full screen in-game. There is no option to split it to join another player!

A Difficult Decision

Microsoft in their statement said that it was an extremely difficult decision to make because they knew players loved split screen and LAN modes. But, Halo 5 Guardians is a next gen game on the Xbox One console that dares to be different. While it retains some of the best features from the older games, it also removes some of them in order to accommodate to the new world such as the micro transactions.

The company likes gamers to know that they have removed it, because it will spoil the game play design and the interface they have made. Maybe, Indies could be the last resort for local co-op these days.