Google has been doing their best, but the world still doesn’t have fast internet and mobile phones are even worse; which is why Instagram continued to save all images in standard resolution.

The app has always been mobile-centric, which played an important role in restricting its overall image quality. Frequent users of the app know that the images that you upload, irrespective of their size and resolution, will be saved only in 640 x 640 pixels. That is definitely low compared to any other website or news reporting pages. Even Facebook accepts files that are much bigger which will ensure that you view quality images when using iPad, bigger smartphones that have 1080p resolution or even higher. After all, this is a time when iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note exists right? Instagram has finally heard it and made the necessary update.

Now Accepts High-Res Images

After a lot of appeal made by many users from around the globe, Instagram has decided to change the default resolution of their pictures. From now on, all the images will be converted into 1080 x 1080 resolution. But, in order to keep things fast on smartphones, the app will continue to display images in the default 640 resolution.

However, it is good to see that the app is getting ready for the future. Most smartphones have now adopted 720p resolution and soon all of them will be moving to full HD. When they do, Instagram will be ready to embrace the change and also have a huge collection of images uploaded now that they are future ready.

Access High-Res Images on Your Browser

If you like those images on Instagram and need to access them, you can’t do it directly through the app. You have to login to the app through a desktop browser. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, whichever that you think best suits your requirement. Open the page where the image is being displayed on the desktop version of the app.

Click on the photo and open the source HTML code. Use the search bar to find any file that has a .jpg extension. It will directly help you find the image link within the code. Just copy paste the link in other tab and the full 1080 version of the image will be loaded, so that you could save them to your collection. This should be a welcome change for photographers and serious picture connoisseurs who love to see images without skipping those minute details.

Applications Instagram Finally Adopts Full 1080p HD Picture Resolutions