Facebook Messenger developers have been very busy with running secret texts of two features that might come in to change how we know this app.  

The developers are now working on tools that will ensure the process of sharing animated GIFs is very friendly. The feature is already active on devices of some users, but since the tests are secret, it remains to be at the company’s discretion when it comes to determining who to send the update to.

The upcoming version of Facebook Messenger is expected to include additional buttons that will ease the process of sharing GIFs from within the app. In this way, the process will be streamlined and in the long run, there won’t be a need to download and install a dedicated third party app for the same purpose.

Facebook Messenger already benefiting from Messenger Platform

A few weeks ago Facebook launched the new Messenger Platform which allows developers to come into the platform with their apps. This is something that the current GIF button is based on since when you tap on this button, a list of all the trending GIFs will pop up from the developers of Riffsy and Giphy. When a GIF is sent to a friend, it will go along with a link from where to download the GIF.

At the moment, the users of Facebook Messenger are only restricted to using Giphy or Riffsy; however, more developers are expected to come in sooner than later. There is also news that more developers will join the two platforms – Giphy and Riffsy – and give the users more options as far as GIFs are concerned.

A new search feature for the Messenger users

According to the latest word on the street, there is a new search feature that Messenger is running tests on, but currently, it is only available for those living in Canada. Just like the GIFs, this feature is currently limited to Riffsy and Giphy; however, you can still use it to access the huge collection of stickers that the app offers.

At the moment there is no doubt that Facebook Messenger is one of the best apps for expressing oneself. However, the company is not ready to stop here as it keeps on adding more and more features and abilities to the app, making it even better and smarter. GIFs have already been a success within the Messenger app, however, this addition only comes in to make it much easier to use as well as allow the users to exchange great content in just a few taps.

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