There is no doubt that Facebook has made almost everything as far as making birthday plans and plans for other events much easier and there is no greater addition to this platform than the ability to share locations.

The latest version of Google Maps 4.8.0 for iOS comes in with a brand new ability that lets the users share their locations with friends from within the Messenger app. However, it is not just the Messenger app that allows the sharing of Google Maps; this can also be done on a variety of other apps, including the mother app, Facebook.

The latest version also comes with enhanced transit directions as well as image galleries for different locations. If you are a constant user of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, here is an amazing way you can use to tell your friends where you are.

Sharing Google Maps location via Facebook

In case you are using the official Facebook site, it is still very easy to share your location from Google Maps. However, you must first of all download and install the latest version of Google Maps 4.8 for iOS on your device before you are able to use this feature. Once the update is installed, launch the Maps app on your iPhone and find the location you want to share with your friend. Click on the bar at the bottom of the display screen and proceed by tapping on the three dots icon located at the top right.

Go ahead and tap on “Share” and follow it by tapping on the Facebook icon that is available in the share window. By this time, you should be already be logged into your Facebook app for iOS. There is also an option where senders can select the audience they wish to view this location as well as include any text message, but this is optional.

After this, make sure you choose who you want to share the location with – be it your friends, public and other available options. You are now free to tap on “Post” and the location you selected will be posted to your Facebook friend. Your friend must have installed Google Maps in order to see this location.

Sharing Google Maps location via Facebook Messenger

When inside the “Share” window as from the process above, select Facebook Messenger instead of Facebook. Just like in the above case, you need to be logged in to the Messenger app for this to work. Once this is done, find the person you want to share your location with and then tap on “Send”. It is also possible to add extra texts for further clarifying things.

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